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Fully customized computers, built to your specs. Get one-on-one expert advice and choose exactly what you need for your machine. No more, no less.
How it works



After receiving your request, one of our experts will walk you through the options to ensure we build the right configuration for your performance needs. We can provide as much (or as little) guidance as you need. After all, why pay more for something you won't use?



Our team sources the components for your build in our extensive on-site inventory or via our network. Your technician will then begin to work on your build immediately. Most builds are completed within 24 hours after parts arrive.



Our technician will build and test your machine to ensure it meets all of your expectations, including benchmarking, in-game testing, and stress testing. Overclocking is available on request.





All of our build technicians are Microsoft and OEM certified.


Our dedicated technicians have built hundreds of custom machines, ranging from basic assembly to gaming machines featuring custom hard tubing and water cooling.



Based in Chicago, our team is 100 percent in-house — we don't outsource your builds. If you're local to the Chicago area, we can meet you for consultation or delivery upon request, for an additional cost.



What does it mean to get a custom build?

If you dream it, we'll make it. With the help of our experts, you'll pick what specs and components you want, depending on what you'll be using your computer for. Our team of technicians will assemble your PC from scratch, based on your requirements. 

What if I don't know exactly what I want?

That's OK! It's what we're here for. Our dedicated team will help you identify your needs — gaming, which games you play, developing, AI, basic functionality, etc. — and provide recommendations to maximize the performance of your machine. We are exceptionally honest about balancing budget vs performance, needs vs wants.

How much will my custom build cost and what is included?

Pricing is determined based on cost of parts plus a build fee. (We will match or beat any website with the product in stock.)

We offer five tiers of custom builds, which include:

  • TIER 1 // Motherboard, processor, RAM, HDD, and PSU

  • TIER 2 // Everything in Tier 1, plus operating system

  • TIER 3 // Everything in Tier 2, plus graphics card and closed-loop water cooling

  • TIER 4 // Everything in Tier 3, plus custom soft loops, up to two water blocks, one reservoir, RGB strips, one-year system flush, TIM paste, coolant fill, and cleaning treatment

  • TIER 5 // Everything in Tier 4, except with custom hard loops instead of soft loops and additional support with our build technician

What if I'm not a gamer?

Custom builds are designed for all kinds of users — not just gamers! We assemble computers for everyone from the entry-level computer user to high-powered AI machines. Let us help you create the perfect PC for you!

How long does a build take?

The length of time depends on the level of complexity of the build. Most custom builds can be completed the same business day, but configurations with custom tubing, multiple reservoirs, etc. might take more time to source and assemble. Generally, the most complex builds, however, can still be completed in roughly 2-3 business days. Please contact us to get an up-to-date estimation.

Can you do water cooling, custom tubing, [insert your wish here]?

Yes! We can incorporate anything from closed-loop water cooling to custom soft or hard tubing, custom lighting, etc. Don't hesitate to ask if there's something you're looking for.

I bought components already. Can you use them in my build?

We can assemble any computer, given the necessary parts. However, we might run into compatibility and/or quality issues when components are purchased from several different sources. For this reason, we do not recommend going this route, but we are willing to build your PC, if you understand the potential limitations. Additionally, pricing could vary if components were not purchased from us.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay. If you're local to the Chicago area, we can also take cash.

How will my computer be delivered to me?

If you're in the Chicago area, pick up is preferred. We can also deliver it locally for $20-100, depending on distance and setup. 

If you are not in the Chicago area, we ship via UPS and only charge you the exact cost.

What is your return policy?

No direct returns are accepted, however, all builds come with a 30-day support guarantee and all parts come with a full manufacturer's warranty. If a part fails within 30 days, we will either replace the part for you or help you complete an RMA with the manufacturer, who will ship you a replacement directly.

Still have questions? 


Start a conversation with us about your custom PC. What do you want us to build?

Thanks! Our team will be in touch with you ASAP.

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